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About Us

Welcome to La Mer Beach House, situated at Revdanda Fort, a sea village in Raigad District, Alibaug, is a perfect Gateway to experience nature upclose.The Splendid Sea at La Mer offers a breathtaking view.The property at La Mer is located in the sand and the sea is on a minute walk from our location. It is mere a three and half hour drive from Mumbai and Pune.

“La Mer” (English: “The Sea”) is a song written by French composer, lyricist, singer and showman Charles Trenet. The song was first recorded by the French singer Roland Gerbeau in 1945. It was not until 1946 that Trenet recorded his own version. When it was released in 1946, it became an unexpected hit, and has remained a chanson classic and jazz standard ever since.

La Mer

  • La Mer
    Qu’on voit danser le long des golfes clairs
    A des reflets d’argent
    La mer
    Des reflets changeants
    Sous la pluie
  • La Mer
    Au ciel d’été confound
    Ses blancs moutons
    Avec les anges si purs
    La mer bergère d’azur
  • Voyez
    Près des étangs
    Ces grands roseaux mouillés
    Ces oiseaux blancs
    Et ces maisons rouillées
  • La Mer
    Les a bercés
    Le long des golfes clairs
    Et d’une chanson d’amour
    La mer
    A bercé mon cœur pour la vie

The Sea

  • The Sea
    We see dancing along the shores of clear bays,
    Shimmers with silver
    The Sea
    Changing Shimmers
    Under the rain
  • The Sea
    With the summer sky
    Mix up her white horses
    With the angels so pure
    The infinite azure shepherdness
  • The Sea
    By the Ponds
    Those big wet reeds
    Those white birds
    And those rusty houses
  • The Sea
    Has cradled them
    Along the shores of clear bays
    And with a love song
    The Sea
    Has rocked my heart for life


You can reside and relish for a whole day in our aesthetically furnished AC Deluxe and AC Executive Rooms at La mer and can rest in the lap of coconut trees on swings and hammocks or even enjoy a wonderful sun bath on the beach. Here at our beach resort experience wonderful planned activities in the sea [la mer] that can make your holiday even more interesting and take extremely pleasant memories with you.